Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Blair forced to admit Iraq links to London attack

In a reversal of his previous position, Tony Blair admitted that his decision to invade of Iraq has acted as a recruiting bonus for terrorist groups. Speaking at a press conference today he was left with little choice. Polls already show that majority of the British people know that to be the case and a new poll published today in the Guardian indicates that nearly eight in 10 Muslims believe Britain's participation in invading Iraq was a factor leading to the bombings.

Quotes from two other of today's reports:

"The British Government and policy makers need to seriously consider how the effects of our foreign policy and the invasion of Iraq have increased the threat posed by terrorists in Britain and around the world. Both the Chatham House Report and the leaked document by the Joint Terrorist Analysis Centre have highlighted this."

Mark Fisher, Labor member of Parliament for central Stoke-on-Trent, said Blair was "in complete denial" over the role of the Iraq war in the London bombings.

"Everybody else can see this but we cannot get through to him.... Even those members of our party (who voted for the war) think he's crazy. The Iraq invasion had created "exactly the circumstances in which young Muslim minds can be turned."