Monday, April 10, 2006

John Reid calls for change in the Geneva Conventions

Pretty clear where Reid is heading on this one I think. He also endorses the concept of pre-emptive wars - all in the defence of democracy you understand...

From The Guardian

"The defence secretary, John Reid, has called for a review of the Geneva convention on the treatment of prisoners of war, saying that the 20th-century rules of war were no longer sufficient. Mr Reid said sweeping changes were needed to the international code in order to counter the threat of "barbaric" global terrorism.

"We risk trying to avoid 21st-century conflict with 20th-century rules, which when they were devised did not contemplate the type of enemy which is now extant," he said.

In a speech to the Royal United Services Institute, Mr Reid warned that the legal grounds for mounting pre-emptive strikes or intervening to prevent genocide or internal repression were no longer adequate."