Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Afghanistan: Analysis of British Casualties During 2007

An analysis of casualty data up until the end of 2007 has now been published for the British military in Afghanistan. Total British casualties for the year stand at 1442, including 42 fatalities and 572 aeromedical evacuations.

The trend in MOD classified combat casualties shows a slow rise in the intensity of conflict from January with a peak of casualties in May. Thereafter, the casualty rate remains elevated with a some suggestion of a decrease from October onwards. With the British military presence being increased further and the strategic battle continuing for control of large parts of Afghanistan, further fierce fighting is expected throughout 2008.

Overall, the number of casualties
experienced by British troops in Afghanistan remained lower than in Iraq during 2007. However, the trend in casualty rates reversed during 2007, with the end of year 3 month combat casualty average for Afghanistan now being about twice as high as Iraq.