Saturday, February 23, 2008

Turkish Invasion of Northern Iraq: Concerns Over Casualties and Destabilisation

Turkish military action into Northern Iraq has raised fears of a sharp increase in casualties in this part of Iraq that had been previously relatively peaceful.

The Independent
A new crisis has exploded in Iraq after Turkish troops, supported by attack planes and Cobra helicopters, yesterday launched a major ground offensive into Iraqi Kurdistan.
BBC Online
Iraq's foreign minister has warned that any escalation of Turkey's operation against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq could destabilise the region. Hoshyar Zebari told the BBC Iraq did not approve the "limited" raid into a remote, uninhabited area, and said it should end "as soon as possible".

Both Turkey and the rebels have given conflicting casualty figures...

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon expressed concern about the situation. "The protection of civilian life on both sides of the border remains the paramount concern," he said.