Saturday, January 28, 2006

Clairty of Mission? John Reid on Britain's Military Role in Afghanistan

What's the difference between anti-insurgency and anti-terrorism?

With thousands of British troops being sent to Afghanistan, clarity on exactly what they are supposed to be doing, how they are going to know when they have succeeded, and how and when the mission will end are crucial. Does John Reid really have a grip on this?

Many soldiers don't seem to think so.

The level of British progress in Iraq is also in increasing doubt.

From Times Online

BRITISH troops are facing a showdown with the governor of Basra after he threatened to end co-operation with the Army and called for mass demonstrations unless the British command freed a group of senior policemen it arrested on charges of plotting deadly attacks.

The dispute with the Iraqi official came against a backdrop of increasing roadside bombings, assassinations and kidnappings in the Shiite port city, where thousands of British troops are based. In the city market yesterday, witnesses said that they had seen a man step out of a police vehicle to plant a bomb that killed one woman and wounded three other people.