Wednesday, February 08, 2006

John Reid calls for the use of implacable force, and toleration of British war crimes?

The UK Minister of Defense appears to be warning the public of bad news headlines to come as British troops become further involved in the Afghan conflict and remain bogged down in Iraq.

Is toleration of war crimes what he meant to imply? Listen and judge for yourselves as he slips in these points at the end of the interview... (Real Player required)

It was an ominous broadcast this morning as John Reid called for the use of "implacable force" and toleration of British troop misdemeanors in an asymmetric battlefield. He citied the lack of adherence to international law by the enemy as a justification for this any means necessary approach, and called on the British people to be slow to criticize.

Mr Reid appears does not understand the basics of the laws of war.

At the same time as this apparent incitement to criminality he coated the rest of his message in soft language - calling for the Iraqi government to reach out to parts of the Iraqi insurgency and asking people to show respect to others sensitivities when exercising their right to free speech.