Monday, June 19, 2006

The war in Afghanistan: the same sad story on casualty reporting

With reported casualties in the war in Afghanistan mounting on both sides, as well as in the civilian population, it may be worth asking some of the same questions of our government about this war as about Iraq.

Are civilian casualties accounted for?
Are enemy combatant casualties formally reported?
Are our own casualties fully reported?

That, currently will be a no, no and no, despite the limited progress reported in the posting below!
Surprised? Me neither.

If anyone is on doubt about the trend in the war in Afghanistan it is useful to look at the figures for reported US casualties (wounded plus fatalities). These rise steadily from 47 in 2001 to 140 in 2002 , 153 in 2003, 273 in 2004 and 393 in 2005. This last figure includes 129 fatalities. With the handover to UK/NATO troops taking place during 2006 the burden of the war has been transferred and we can, unfortunately, expect the casualty burden to follow.