Thursday, August 30, 2007

Risk of Death for British Troops in Iraq Triples During 2007

A new graphical analysis of fatality rates suffered by British troops has now been added to the casualty monitor page for Iraq. Compiled in collaboration with MFAW, the new data illustrates the trend in the risk of death for British troops in Iraq, expressed as deaths/1000/year.

From the start of the invasion in 2003, the risk of death had remained under 10 per thousand per year until 2007, when fatality rates have climbed sharply. In January 2007 the monthly average was 3.9 deaths/1000 troops/year, but by July this had more than tripled to 13.8. This trend currently appears to be continuing, despite the pull back of British forces from the majority of Southern Iraq.

Trend in British fatality rate in Iraq war