Thursday, August 16, 2007

British Casualty Monitor Update: 16.08.2007

The fortnightly update of Ministry of Defence data on British casualties from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan has now been completed for the period up to the end of July.

In Iraq the situation continues to deteriorate. The 3-month moving average for combat casualties has increased again, rising to 44 per month, while total casualties for 2007 so far have reached 1246.

Regarding Afghanistan, the situation is more mixed. While the 3-month combat casualty average has increased again to reach 42 per month, both the June and July totals have fallen relative to the large peak seen in May. The August update should reveal whether this corresponds to a sustained reduction in combat intensity or not.

It should also be noted that while there has been some decrease in the casualties classified by the MOD as due to combat, there has also been an increase in those classified as non-combat. In July, monthly medical evacuations increased from 53 to 80 and admissions to field hospitals for non-battle or disease reasons increased from 44 to 77. Total casualties for 2007 so far now stand at 862.